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Blue Cash Daily Card by American Express Review

American Express has re-changed the Blue Cache card in two variants. There is no annual fee in this version, but Blue Cache is a less generous award than a favorite card, which charges an annual fee of $ 75.

The original Blue Card, which has not been marketed by Amex, had many errors in it, the least of which was a misleading announcement.

Ads on the card have announced that you can "5% earn cash" with the card. However, in fact, you spend at least $ 6,500 on the card and earn 5% on gas and food only. You will have to wait a full year before your reward is received. Amex has solved most of these issues with these two new blue cards.

There are many important differences between these maps and Blue Cash favorites. You earn only 3% compared to supermarket (except for superstore and warehouse clubs), 2% for gas stations and department stores and 1% or 6% to 3% to 1% for other purchases. The cost of this card is $ 100 USD , When the same cost is US $ 150.

The compensation is similar to both cards. Once you receive $ 25 for a return, you can redeem them for the credit, though Amex says you can redeem them for merchandise and gift card by the prudence of Amex. APR is similar on both cards: 0% on the remaining transfer for the remaining 15 months, and then between 12.99 and 21.99% depending on your balance.

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The preferred version is at least good for two new blue cash cards than the first new year, for which a bonus of $ 150 can be obtained. After that, it really depends on your spending habits and your willingness to pay annual fees. In comparison, you can certainly earn a lot from your favorite card. Both cards on the original Blue Cache Cards are a big improvement. Learn more about closing and credit.


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